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John Todd, Waitress singer
Waitress singer, Gary Strong
Barbara Bibby
Elaine Trice
Sandy Anderson
Kristina Yager
Judy Todd, Barbara Bibby, Kristina Yager, Elaine Trice
Jack Frediani, Sandy Anderson, Suzanne Cassel
Bill Lemmer, Gary Strong, Kristina Yager
Bill Lemmer
Barbara Lemmer, Bill Lemmer
Kristina Yager
Jack Frediani
Jack Frediani, Sandy Anderson
Frank Todd, Barbara Bibby, Kristina Yager
Frank Todd Butt
Judy Todd, Sandy Anderson
Judy Todd, Sue Lemmer Morriss, Tom Liley
Judy Todd, Sue Morriss, Tom Liley
CW-LF: Kristina, Jack, Suzanne, Judy, Tom, Sue, Barbara, Bill, Frank, John
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