Jack Frediani

Born: September 2, 1946
Died: October 2, 2016

Jack was central to creating Kobbe Kids . Together with Sandy Newberry Anderson and Elaine Marie Olinger Trice, they began searching and contacting the kids we knew in Panama, the Canal Zone, and especially Fort Kobbe and Howard Air Force Base. It was 1999.

I was creating The Kobbe Kid Album when he reconnected with me.
I have many photos of Jack in the album.

He loved Panama and the Canal Zone history.
He collected $50,000 worth of Canal Zone memorabilia that included the dishware from the Tivoli, coins, badges and patches and anything else he could find.
He hoped his collection would go to the George A. Smathers Libraries at the University of Florida. The Panama Canal Museum collection now resides there. 

He was a not-so-tall man with the seven-foot-deep voice.
He did love his cigarettes. He had no regrets about smoking. He died from emphysema.
He was making humorous comments about life and himself right up to the end.

Miss you bro'.